Skiing in Auli

The well-known city of Auli is in Uttarakhand, a state with lofty Himalayan mountains. The finest snow levels for hiking and skiing are present in Auli, a famous skiing destination surrounded by big trees and lush vegetation, making it one of the most picturesque spots to visit. You will be surprised to know that Auli held the first-ever South Asian Winter Games in 2011. Ski tournaments have been periodically convened by the Uttarakhand Tourism Department ever since, helping the city achieve the title of the skiing capital of India. Auli is more than just a skiing destination as people from all over the nation visit to trek in the magnificent Garhwal Himalayan region. Auli has Asia's second-longest ropeway after Gulmarg, connecting this well-liked vacation spot with Joshimath city.

Even in the summertime, life is always exciting in the Auli, where you can go for numerous treks. When you go skiing in Auli in the winter, you can expect clear skies, thick coverings of snowfall, and a relaxing ambience, helping you learn or evaluate your downhill skiing abilities. We have curated a list of things to know about the Auli skiing season before you put on your ski boots!

AuliĀ ArtificialĀ Lake

The Auli artificial lake is one of the highest artificial lakes in the world due to its elevation. The government built this lake to create snow for the brand-new ski slopes. Many visitors skipped Auli as their skiing destination because there wasn't as much snowfall during the summer months. The government implemented an ingenious idea of installing snow cannons to make snow from the lake. These cannons mounted adjacent to the ski slopes help the skiing surface become smoother, prolonging the well-liked Auli skiing season in the summer. Also, the lake is a sight to behold! Take in the scenery, including the sunset over the Himalayan mountains around the lake when you are here.

artificial blue lake with snowcapped mountain behind
Auli skiing season with beautiful thick layer of snow everywhere and a man using ski equipment

Cable Ride

The enjoyable cable car journey is Auli's biggest attraction, also known as Gondola. The ride covers a length of 4 km and is Asia's second-highest and longest cable ride. This gondola starts at Joshimath and stops at Auli, and the ride takes about 24 minutes to cover. A maximum of 25 people can take this cable car journey. Visitors find this ride extremely enthralling as the incredibly massive peaks, oak trees, and meadows are visible from the best vantage point. The ticket price for the cable ride is INR 1000.

Certified Skiing Courses

One adventure activity that has become incredibly popular worldwide is skiing. In and around Auli, incredible enterprises providing accredited skiing courses are present. Numerous beginner-friendly programmes are available, and previous skiing knowledge isn't required to enrol. The 7 to 14-day courses may offer you an adrenaline rush beyond anything you've ever experienced. The cost of the course varies on the duration and often ranges from INR 9000 to INR 30,000.

people walking on thick layer of snow with ski equipment learning certified skiing in Auli

December through March is the best time to ski in Auli as the snowfall is continuous and Auli becomes more magical. Tourists from India converge here to take advantage of the last snowfall before spring. Stay at The Tattva Joshimath, a boutique hotel that offers elegance, comfort, and style, which is the best way to experience the allure of Auli and is the ideal retreat for a relaxing time. This resort gets covered in snow during the winter, and vibrant vegetation is visible around summer. One of the best things about The Tattva Resort is that the ropeway is only about a km away.