A Guide on How to Reach Joshimath

If you're dreaming of the Himalayan landscapes, Joshimath is your gateway to breathtaking treks, the Valley of Flowers, Badrinath, Hemkund Sahib and beyond. Let's navigate the routes and modes that will lead you to this enchanting destination.

Delhi to Joshimath

If you're thinking how to reach Joshimath from Delhi then buckle up for a scenic road trip along NH334, around 500 kilometres, snaking through verdant valleys and quaint towns like Rishikesh and Haridwar. Public buses ply this route regularly, offering a budget-friendly option. Trains to Rishikesh followed by a cab to Joshimath are another choice. Hire a cab and make pitstops at hidden gems like the Tehri Dam. Pro tip: Monsoon rains can be tricky, so plan your Delhi-Joshimath adventure between April and June or September to November.

People dipping the ganges
An aeroplane flying high above

Mumbai to Joshimath

Mumbaikars, catch a flight to Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, then board a shared cab or bus to reach your Himalayan abode. Trains are another option, offering a charming chug through North India's heartland. The journey might be longer (24-36 hours), but it is worth the wait! Expect to shell out INR 7,000-10,000 for flights and INR 1000-3,000 for trains, with cabs adding to your budget. This is the standard solution on 'how to reach Joshimath from Mumbai''.

Bangalore to Joshimath

Bengaluru peeps, prepare for an epic road trip! Buckle up for a 36-48 hour journey via Hyderabad and Nagpur, traversing diverse landscapes from bustling cities to serene countryside. Take breaks at waterfalls and historical sites, making memories along the way. Another option to Joshimath is via flights to Dehradun or Jolly Grant Airport, followed by a scenic cab ride. Trains to Haridwar are another option, though the journey is longer. You can escape the sweltering south Indian summer and find solace in the cool embrace of the Himalayas throughout the year. Just be prepared for potential flight delays during peak season.

A train passing via mountains and green fields
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Chennai and Kolkata

Chennaiites and Kolkatans, your paths to Joshimath converge in Dehradun. Trains are your best bet, offering a comfortable and budget-friendly option (INR 1,000-3,000). Lean back, sip chai, and watch the scenery unfold as you inch closer to the Himalayas.

Cost Considerations

The cost of the journey varies based on the mode of transport. A road trip from Delhi might cost around INR 3000-4000 per person, including fuel and meals. Train fares range from INR 1000-2000. Flights can cost between INR 5000-10000 depending on the city of departure. Train travel is the most pocket-friendly, followed by buses. Air travel and taxis are pricier but save time. Do a thorough budgeting on how to reach Joshimath by factoring all costs to save a few notes. 


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