Business Centre

Confrence Room

The Tattva Hotel offers a business hub of exceptional quality, with premium fixtures and ultra-modern facilities. Customizable Conference rooms with ample amenities like 4k projectors = 32 Seater with proper sound integration and Video calling facility

Key Features

System & Desktop Lockdown

WiFi Content Filtering

GuestFirst™ Support

Easy-to-Access Applications

Guest-Friendly Experience

Printing Area

Video-conferencing facilities

Pre-configured & Easy-to-Deploy

Better Business Centers Start Here

Faxing and Scanning

Although we like to pretend we’re rocketing into the future of cloud-based everything, not all businesses have outlawed the fax.

In fact, sometimes we all still have to fax important documents on short notice. And the hotel business center is one of the rare places you can still do this within minutes.

Don’t Let Travel Impact Your Energy Levels

While not technically part of the hotel business center, a hotel wake-up call is the age-old tool utilized by executives everywhere to get to that morning meeting on time. Download an app like SleepCycle, which tracks your sleeping patterns so that you wake up refreshed at just the right moment. Combine this with a top-notch online calendar that tracks and makes appointments while syncing across all your devices.