Sumptuous Delicacies at Alpenrose - The Best Restaurant in Joshimath

brown couches placed against a brick wall overlooking the lush green mountains of Himalayas atThe Tattva Boutique Resort, Joshimath

At The Tattva, we offer you the most memorable dining experience. Our multi-cuisine restaurant in Joshimath serves a variety of delicacies that include North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and European cuisines as well as authentic Pahari delicacies and special tandoori delights. This Joshimath restaurant is one of the few places that serve sushi along with an assortment of liquors, malts and other alcoholic beverages, and a smorgasbord of appetizers to go with it. It also lets you treat your tastebuds with delightful desserts, made with fresh seasonal fruits of the region. Enjoy a lavish buffet breakfast and extravagant dinner buffets and appetising food at The Tattva, Joshimath.

a close up shot of a warmly lit interior of Alpenrose Restaurant at The Tattva Boutique Resort, Joshimath

Our chefs have mastered the art of creating tantalizing delicacies that suit your palate, and we have a friendly staff that serves dishes like sticky rice with green Thai curry, thin-crust pizza, Nutella Crepes and Burmese Khaousey with a pinch of love.

Derived from the local flower, Buraz, our restaurant is the perfect symbolism glocalisation that satiates every tastebud. Our restaurant features both indoor and outdoor dining spaces. With world-class wooden interiors, ambient light and exquisite decor, our restaurant exudes a warm and cosy vibe. Having a hot cup of coffee or indulging in exotic varieties of liquors while enjoying the wintery ambience and the ethereal mountain views is an experience that would stay etched in your memory for years to come!

Tickle Your Taste Buds With Our House Specialities

a plate served butter chicken and naan

North IndianCuisine

idli served with sambar

South IndianCuisine

pasta served on a plate

Continental Delicacies

a bowl of thupka along with red chutney

Chinese Food

paneer tikka served along with red sauce

Tandoori Specialities

hummus served on a plate along with a loaf of bread

Lebanese Delights

a plate served with sushi

Sushi Counter

a bowl of vegetable soup

Pahari Food

a jar and glass of lemon and mint water

Premium Liquors

an image of a coffee cup with flower coffee art

Hot Beverages

salad and bread served on a black plate

Soups and Salads

spring rolls served on a plate with sauces

Delicious Appetizers

a layered cake served on a plate

Delectable Desserts

Enjoy a lavish buffet breakfast and extravagant dinner buffets at our restaurant in Joshimath.
The restaurant has the capacity to accommodate 200 guests, and the whole place can be customized as per your needs.

For honeymooning couples, we make your experience an extraordinary one by arranging special candlelight dinners in the dining gazebo that offers views of the mesmeric mountains. We offer in-room dining services and also cater to individuals with special dietary preferences.

At The Tattva, we strive to offer you the best!

two candles placed beside a glass of wine

Candlelight Dinner

interior of Alpenrose Restaurant displaying wooden pillar and dining tables and chairs at The Tattva Boutique Resort, Joshimath

Indoor Dining

Wooden chairs positioned to overlook the misty hills afar in The Bourbon Club N Lounge at The Tattva Boutique Resort, Joshimath

Outdoor Dining

a chef looking in a restaurant

Friendly Services

a man kneading dough

Expert Chefs

a tray filled with breakfast placed on a bed

In-room Dining

people sitting around a bonfire at night

Food by the Bonfire