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Take your ropes and carabiners! Let's rappel down the steep slopes of Himalayan mountains! Utilize The Tattva's exciting packages and satisfy your hunger adventure!

Seat rappellingRappelling down to a rocky surface with the help of a carabiner!
Stomach rappellingRopes crossed over the stomach for better flexibility and support while climbing down through rocky caverns!
GriGri rappellingUsing GriGri the belay device to control the descent while rappelling!
Hasty rappellingClimbing down in a short time period!
Shoulder rappellingRappelling down to the rock surface with the support of ropes across the shoulder and thighs!
Free rappellingRappeling freely down the overhang!
Body rappellingRappelling down on the rock surface with the support of ropes across the body!
Self-rescueRescuing oneself to safety when help from the outside is not possible!
Carabiner brake systemKnowing how to use a carabiner brake system properly to hold onto a rock surface!