Adventure Activities in Joshimath

The vast and diversified geography of Himalayas offer numerous opportunities for adventure. The mighty Himalayas, with its unparalleled beauty and raging heights, attract adventure enthusiasts every year in large numbers. Then there are the lush green hills, which attract hikers like bees to honey! Rappellers have their share of excitement with steep slopes and there are also other exciting packages like survival and rescue training! The Tattva offers activity packages on trekking, rappelling and many other exciting outdoor activities in Joshimath. A perfect vacation for thrill-seekers!

people trekking in the mountain valleys

Put on your shoes and backpack! We're going for a trek!

a person climbing a mountain

Exciting packages to climb the mighty Himalayas!

a person rappelling down the steep slopes

Rappel down the steep slopes of Himalayas!

a person training for a rescue operation

Train yourself for rescue operations!

a horse walking through a dusty road at sunset

Buckle up - We're going for a ride!

a person learning survival techniques in the wild

Learn to survive in the wilderness!